A Spot on the Globe – A Moment in Time – A Place in your Heart

The last 20 years and the advent of the digital age has turned many average people into great photographers. The advancements in camera technology and use of the internet as a platform has also given many armed with only cell phones a place alongside hard working and devoted artists. For better or worse, there is an amazing amount of talent available to be seen today. Photography however remains something that can still be individualistic, as we all see and interpret scenes differently. My photography is hopefully an accurate reflection of how I see the world as I travel through it. My aging Canon equipment is certainly not the best or most expensive, however I do the best I can with it. I still adhere to that old saying-
‘The best camera to shoot with is the one you have with you’.


I am a fan of our National Parks, hiking trails and back roads. Am very curious and love to road trip. I favor nature and the outdoors but also retain a passion for certain architecture and the livable aspects of our urban settings. You will find me volunteering quite often and spending a great deal of time within one aspect of the bicycle culture or another. Travel is usually done solo, light and with not much of an itinerary.
I hope you enjoy my observations of the world around me. 
See you on the trail-